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Four Gymnasts Inducted into NCGA Hall of Fame


Indianapolis, Ind. – March 23, 2020 – The NCGA would like to announce the four gymnasts inducted into the 2020 Hall of Fame class: Karin Curry Correll, Shanna Larocque, Kristen Grimmel Deford, and Danin Squires.

In 2011, the NCGA Division III gymnastics Hall of Fame was established  to pay tribute and honor to outstanding former athletes and/or coaches and administrators who have shown distinctive and or exceptional ability while participating within or supporting Division III gymnastics.

The NCGA for the last 35 years has provided more than 2500+ gymnasts the opportunity to compete in collegiate gymnastics! The four NCGA Hall of Fame individuals honored in the 2020 class were instrumental through their leadership and athletic ability in assisting the development of the NCGA and Division III gymnastics.

Karin Curry Correll was an Ithaca Collegiate gymnast from 1987-1990.  She began gymnastics at the age of 12 and credits her college coach, Rick Suddaby, for her gymnastics development. Rick saw her potential and pushed her to be her best!

Karin states her collegiate gymnastics experience taught her many life lessons, including positivity, supportiveness, team common goals, and the importance of how enthusiastically working together is key to accomplishing GREAT things.

Karin was a four-time All-American and won two ECAC titles in her career.  Karin was named the NCGA Outstanding Senior of the Year and was the New York Women’s Collegiate Scholar athlete. She assisted the Ithaca Bombers to four consecutive appearances to the NCGA D3 National Championships and was inducted into the Ithaca College Hall of Fame in 1999.

Karin graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a Masters of Education from Stanford University.  She taught Algebra for many years and still tutors children.

Kristen Grimmell Deford was a Ursinus College gymnast from 2001-2005. Kristen began gymnastics at the age of 2 and credits her family, primarily mom, who drove to and from practice daily and her older sister Michelle who was her biggest fan and encourager.  She also credits the owners of Harford Gymnastics, Teresa Yapps and her late husband, who instilled confidence and an endless belief in her ability.

Kristen describes her collegiate gymnastics experience as a “PERFECT 10.”   “My coach, Jeff Schepers, was full of fun.

–I recall bus trips, ducky jammies, jumping on hotel beds, dance parties, high fives and hugs for HIT ROUTINES, BUT, My perfect 10 was with the shared time with the team, especially Jenny and Gill, the goals we reached and the bond we created as friends, as a team, and as a family.”

Kristen was a Seven-Time All-American

  • 3 times in the All-Around
  • 2 times on Vault
  • 1 time on Floor
  • 1 time on Beam

ECAC Division III Gymnast of the Year in (2003)

Ursinus College Outstanding Female Athlete (2005)

Captain of the Ursinus College Gymnastics team for 3 years (2003, 2004, and 2005).

Kristen graduated with a BA in Communications and Media Studies and an Elementary Education Minor and eventually a Masters in Elementary Education at Towson University. Kristen has taught elementary education for 13 years and owns and operates a wedding venue on the family farm as well.

Shanna Larocque was a Springfield College gymnast from 1997-2001. Shanna began gymnastics at the age of 8 and trained under Tom and Fran Roberts and then transferred to Ocean State School of gymnastics in Lincoln, Rhode Island, under Anne and Tim Lyons and Kimberly Angell.

Shanna said, “Under the coaching and supervision of Cheryl Raymond, my collegiate gymnastics taught me valuable life lessons. I learned to love the sport, my teammates, even the challenges, and to strive toward perfection. I learned dedication, diligence, determination and perseverance.  I learned to balance academics and athletics and how to cope with the physical demands and emotional trials that gymnastics requires.

Shanna was a 6 time All-American, NCGA National Vault Champion, NCGA All-Academic Honors, All ECAC Honors, Captain, MVP, Maroon Club and Student Athlete of the Week.

Shanna earned a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation & Disability Studies with a Minor in Psychology and returned to compete, in 2003, in the USA Gymnastics Level 9 State and Regional Championships, placing third in the all-around.

Shanna then attended the University of St. Augustine to earn a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. She has been a practicing therapist for 13 years in a vast array of settings and has advanced her career to include management, working as a Director of Rehabilitation Services.

Danin Squires competed for Cortland State University from 2000-2004. She began gymnastics at 8 years of age and credits her mom and Coach Gabe at West Side Gymnastics School for her gymnastics development.  Gabe played a large role supporting me personally, athletically and financially.  He taught me to balance being an athlete and a student.  And, my collegiate coach at Cortland, Gary Babjack, noticed my potential and talent and motivated me to continue to grow as a gymnast.

Danin states “My collegiate gymnastics experience was a DREAM come true!  I always wanted to do gymnastics in college.  I learned the true meaning of team, hard work, dedication, and reward.   My competitive drive has followed me from childhood into my adult life and career. I am forever thankful for this sport and all that it has taught me.”

Danin was a 4x All American and Balance Beam National Champion in 2002, 2003, and 2004.  She was also a top 6 All American in the All-Around. Danin was ALL ECAC in the All-Around, Balance Beam and Vault, and in 2004 was the Cortland State Senior Female Athlete of the Year.

Danin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and is a representative of a medical device company in Buffalo, New York.

Since the 2020 NCGA National Championships was cancelled due to the coronavirus spread, the Hall of Fame class will receive their plaques and recognition at the 2022 NCGA National Championships to be held at an East NCGA school.